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A new design, drawing, graphic arts and printing typography magazine.
It's called "le petit Néant". It will be bilingual, English-French, independent and self-financed, launched for the sheer pleasure of developing a new experimental magazine. Participation is open to one and all. The challenge for participants is to square up their space, and self-manage, re-create, re-think it. There will be no technical limitations or theme for this launch issue.

The launch issue:

500 copies
100 pages
35x25cm (closed format)
a handmade silkscreen
quality issue
distributed in France and Italy

The editors will make a final selection and will respond in any event

To join, please send your work via e-mail, jpeg for web (light):
Send pictures, comics (maximum 4 pages), collages, photomontages and anything else that can make your space dynamic.
35x 25cm (portrait) / 35x 50cm (landscape)
The first issue is in black and white, but if you have special color projects, please contact us.

Write to us or send us something to: petitneant@gmail.com